Family Biography Made Easy
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This is a sample of the template I used for each page in our family biography book.  I took out the last names and dates, etc. to protect the privacy of my family members, but you can see the general idea.  With this template, each block is created separately, so if, for instance, you don't have as much text, you can make the font bigger or space it out a little more to fill up the space better.  You can have less pictures and make them bigger, or add more and make them smaller.  You can include captions on your photos.  The right side shows the important family connections and personal information.  I had to create custom text for this section for each person, depending on their situation, including divorces, step-children, adopted children, second marriages, etc.  I have examples of those on the Sample Text page. This template can be customized to accommodate your needs, however, you will still have a consistent look to your book and save time by using the same template for each page.

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