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My family is big on history, genealogy, preservation and documentation in every form.  I have been going to our family reunions my whole life.  My aunt always worked very hard to get new information to put in a book she gave to each family at the reunion.  Even as a kid, I actually read those books and was fascinated with my family's history and learning about everyone through the book.  She spent a lot of time and energy researching, contacting people, and typing the whole thing up and making copies for everyone; a long, difficult, painstaking process.  In 2002, my mom and I took over the task of planning family reunions and I wanted to give everyone something really special, but I wanted to make it easier on myself to do it.  Now, my aunt used a large portion of her book to talk about all the people that had passed on in our family, our history.  I wanted to take a different approach.  I wanted to focus on the people that were currently alive and let them tell their stories.  I wanted it to be from them, the things they wanted people to know about them, what had happened so far in their life and what was currently happening.

I wanted pictures (since we were never able to get everyone to come to reunions), contact information, lineage within the family and important historical information such as dates of birth, marriage, etc.  I searched and searched on the internet for a template or a format I could use and I did not find what I was looking for anywhere.  Once I get an idea in my head of what I want something to look like, nothing else will do.  So, I created my own template, one that would work for everyone in our family, no matter how much or how little information I had for them.  Well, some of them had to consolidate their biographies to fit on the page, but I was able to get most of it in there.

When I got done with the book and sent it out to the reunion attendees, they loved it!  It was a fairly simple process for me once I had the template and I can print out another copy anytime I need to, put it in a binder and send it out.  I plan to update my book every 5-10 years.  Maybe someday, I won't even need to print it out, I can just put it all on a disk and mail it to everyone or let them download it.

So, this is what lead to creating this site.  I wanted to make this template available to other people who are trying to put something together for their family and make it easy.  My hope is that more families will be able to document and preserve their history, and share it with their family members.  That it will somehow help them be more connected. 

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